Lidwish Soulutions - quiet drumming system Lidwish Soulutions - quiet drumming system


""We're TOO LOUD. The client isn't at all happy about the volume level of the band and tensions are running high. Then I reach into my stick bag and pull out these amazing sticks. It's like grabbing a secret weapon from my super-hero utility belt. The client is floored by the difference, smiles approvingly, and gives us the O.K. sign. On more than one occasion they have SAVED THE DAY!""

Michael Burke
Professional Drummer

Lidwish Soulutions - quiet drumming system
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Pukalani, HI 96788

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Low volume, great drum stick feel! The patented Lidwish Ultra-Tones low volume drum sticks and kick beater lets you play your drums and still be quiet! Our innovative drum stick and bass drum kick beater design lets you play with greatly reduced sound evenly throughout your entire drum kit.